Plastic Not Currently Recycled

It wasn’t a good thing to begin with (ie. eating tortilla chips) but then I turned the bag around and I was shocked. The plastic bag had written on it “” and then “BAG – PLASTIC not currently recycled”.

How can this be legal? How can a company be allowed to make a plastic that’s not currently recyclable? That would be so easy to stop.

Here are some of the steps I often think could help solve the plastic problem; Continue reading Plastic Not Currently Recycled

New Website

Welcome to the new website for Use 10 Percent Less 

In the past, I’ve put my comments and thoughts in posts on my other blog – – but now I’ve setup this new website. Please excuse any teething problems I have while this site is new.

To see all the posts I’ve already made on the other website, follow this link –

I find the idea of Use 10 Percent Less is fun, easy, helps the planet and saves everyone money. Might even help some people lose a bit of weight. Seems like only positives can come of it.