About Use 10 Percent Less…

Collectively, we are polluting and consuming energy at a level that is very dangerous for the planet. It’s easy to blame energy companies, the ones who find, produce and sell things like coal, oil and gas, but we are the ones who want to buy and use these energy sources.

This is not someone else’s problem. This is a problem for all of us.

The first step to a solution is for me to take some personal responsibility. I can’t keep using energy just as much as I like and complain about the pollution problems of the world and expect something to be done about it. The “something” starts with me.

How can I do “something”?

As soon as I start thinking about doing “something”, I think about stopping using energy like I do. But it’s hard to stop using energy completely. I need the car to get to work, I need to fly to perform my job, I need electricity to heat my house, etc. What can I do?

The answer is to use less. I don’t have to stop, just use less, and keep trying to use less.

Use 10 Percent Less

I find that a target of 10% less usage seems very achievable. No matter what my current usage is, reducing it by just 10% feels possible. There must be ways to reduce my usage by the small amount of 10%, mustn’t there?

But a 10% reduction is very significant. If the worldwide usage of energy reduced suddenly by 10%, it would have a very significant impact on global stock markets. It would definitely be felt.

And, the earth would breath a sigh of relief. Especially if the 10% reduction was soon followed by another 10% reduction, and another. If this happened, the Earth’s problems would be solved (see this post – 10 Percent Less Can Halt Global Warming)

It starts with me!

So this initiative starts with me. I’m trying to use and consume 10% less. If nothing else happens but that, then it’s not bad anyway. I starting by tracking my progress here with pages and posts in the lifeintherightdirection.com website, but now I’ve moved to a dedicated use10percentless.com site. It’s certainly fun and positive and it can only help.