Use 10 Percent Less is a ground roots initiative to combat the disastrous global problems of pollution and destruction of natural habitats. There is substantial power in the hands of the average people – us consumers. We can have a huge effect, very quickly, if we just use and purchase less from today onwards.

For a more complete background and justification of the strategy behind Use 10 Percent Less, please read the Background page –

The idea of Use 10 Percent Less is important because, instead of being paralysed into thinking there’s nothing we can do, the possibility of attaining just a 10 percent reduction in our usage and consumption seems quite achievable. A 10 percent reduction is a relatively small step for each of us, but the cumulative effect for the world will be massive.

use 10 percent lessMy name is Peter Whiting. I’m a mathematician and geophysicist with a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney. I’m now living in the UK (after working in Australia, Singapore, the USA and France) and still working as a geophysicist. I started Use 10 Percent Less because I feel regret for how my generation has exploited the world and because there is an easy way to quickly turn back the tide. We don’t need politicians to do this (although political support would be really helpful), it’s something every single, normal person can get involved in, right now, today!. And, by participating in Using 10 Percent Less, us average people will retain more money and become more healthy. At the same time, the Earth will be given considerable relief and time to start righting the wrongs we’ve imposed on it, especially over recent decades.

If you have any ideas that support Use 10 Percent Less, please contact me and we’ll get them published. Thanks.

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