The human species is gorging the planet with little concern on the effect this is having.

That’s the truth. Simple. No need to argue about the rights and wrongs of CO2 emissions, global warming, climate change, pollution, plastics, or any of these other secondary consequences of our self-centred greed.

We have to stop our over-consumption of the natural resources of the planet right now, because we can clearly see the negative consequences already.

The quickest and most immediate way to turn this around if for consumers, all of us, to realise what we’re doing and reduce our consumption. We don’t have to completely stop consuming, which would be almost impossible, all we have to do is consume less, hence the aim of “Use 10 Percent Less”.

Can only 10% have an effect?

A global reduction of consumption of just 10% would have a huge effect. Stock markets would be rocked, major companies would be extremely worried and the pollution levels would noticeable ease. If you don’t believe that a reduction of 10 percent is enough to make a huge change, just consider that we consume a little over 100 billion barrels of oil per day now, after crossing in the 90+ billion barrels back in 2013 with just steady, consistent demand growth in between. If tomorrow, the demand reduced to 90 billion barrels again due to reduced consumption by the consumers, that would cause an unbelievable shock to the energy industry. Oil and gas prices would plummet, energy companies stocks would drop dramatically and some companies would go out of business.

That’s the power of us consumers. But can we do it? Of course!

Using 10 percent less is not hard. On average, our excesses are much more that 10 percent, so we only have to reduce our excesses, which really isn’t hard.

If we can reduce our consumption by 10 percent, that would be a major victory on its own, but then we could think about reducing another 10 percent, and another. Each step of 10 percent will seem manageable because 10 percent isn’t that much.

What could we do right now to use 10 percent less?

  • drive less
  • drive more slowly and smoothly (can save 10+ percent easily right here)
  • drive a smaller car
  • take public transport to work one day a fortnight
  • eat less overall
  • eat less meat
  • eat less fish
  • drink less alcohol
  • drink less soft drinks
  • buy less clothes
  • make clothes last longer
  • avoid plastics
  • avoid synthetic fibres
  • fly less
  • take a train instead of a plane
  • have less electronic devices
  • don’t upgrade your electronic devices – make them last longer
  • turn down your heating or cooling a little

And there are so many more, of course.

What would be the outcome?

Apart from being an immediate relief for the planet and a major disturbance to the current world based on consumerism, what would happen? If we did most of the things above we’d be healthier, have more money in our pockets and probably be happier too. Nothing bad actually, only good.

Now, it’s a matter of urgency

We have no time left to be inactive. We must protect our environment, at least for the sake of the children being born today. There are people and groups trying to lobby governments for change, which is great, yet we can push on immediately as powerful consumers. Let’s start a grassroots change at the consumer level and let’s start consuming 10 percent less right now.

If you have a idea for how to contribute to “Use 10 Percent Less” please contact me so we can get your idea published. Thanks!

use 10 percent less