The Power or Less – a video from Good Energy

I’ve been a customer of Good Energy for about 5 years now and I have to say they appear to be a good, responsible, renewable energy company. I don’t have any affiliation with them at all, and I’m receiving nothing from them for writing this article (they have no idea I’m writing it). When I saw that they had recently released this short, one-minute video, “The Power of Less”, and that its message was so closely aligned with the sentiment of “Use 10 Percent Less“, I just had to post the video here. It’s only one minute long – please take a look.

And here’s the full transcript of the video, just in case it’s useful…

The Power of Less - overconsumption is destroying our planet

The Power of Less – Full Transcript

“Overconsumption is destroying our planet.
We’re buying more, using more, making more, and devastating the one thing which gives us life.
In the process we’re robbing ourselves of a future, all in pursuit of more.
We drill frack and burn to power our world with fossil fuels, destroying our land,  polluting our air and water, killing our wildlife and accelerating the breakdown of our climate.
But what if living for more became about living with less?
We need to take less, use less and waste less, from our land, water and energy.
The power of less is that it could actually give us more.
More nature, more renewable energy, more clean air, more life.
So let’s stop taking from our planet because, the less we take, the more it will give.
Join the fight for our future, today!”


The less we take, the more it will give

My thoughts

Overconsumption really is a big problem for our planet. Are there too many humans? Maybe yes, probably yes. Are we, on average, consuming too much of what the world has to offer – most certainly yes. Could we consume less and still be happy, or happier? Also, most certainly yes. Why do we seem to be on a mission to destroy the planet and ourselves? That’s much harder to answer, but it’s worthy of our contemplation.

Just to repeat some of the ideas behind Use 10 Percent Less, we’re definitely using and wasting far too much (on average, as a human race). The Covid-19 pandemic, although it has been and is a terrible situation to be in, it has taught us that things don’t have to be the way they always were and that things can change quite quickly. However, rapid change can be hard. All we need to do is think about how to use 10 percent less. That’s easy. Ten percent is hardly noticeable. The, once we’re used to 10 percent less, we can find ways to use another 10 percent less. If we can do this as a general population, we can release the pressure on the world and make a huge impact. The power of change is in our hands.

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