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Compostable Crisp Packets

We don’t think about crisp packets too often do we? We just enjoy the crisps, without realising that almost all crisp packets are not recyclable and will end up in landfill (or worse!) for a very long time. The good news is that a British company called Two Farmers has come up with a way of creating compostable crisp packets, which is fantastic, and they taste great too!

Compostable Crisp Packets

It’s amazing that a small start-up company in the UK has been able to beat all the big manufacturers to a compostable crisp packet. Amazing, but understandable. We’ll see later what’s really going on here.

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Mobility Lab and Amazon Plastic Packaging

I was completely shocked recently when I ordered a “Mobility Lab” mouse from Amazon and the package arrived with so much plastic packaging. It’s really awful, so unnecessary and  none of it recyclable. In this case, Mobility Lab and Amazon plastic packaging is so bad, they should both be ashamed, and governments need to step in and stop such usage of plastic.

In the images below you can see that seven independent pieces of plastic were used to package the mouse. Really over the top. Not good Mobility Lab and not good Amazon!

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Sustainable Packaging

I bought some pool chemicals online a couple a weeks ago from a company called UK Pool Store and I was pleasantly surprised that there was no plastic in the packaging. They’d used just some paper based padding to protect the items. Unfortunately, these chemical products came in plastic containers, but that’s another story – everyone really has to use recycled plastics for containers like these, and that should be the law.

sustainable packaging
To be used again!

At home, we regularly send packages of artwork as a result of our site, but we always use recycled products for the packaging. Every time we order something online, we keep the box and the materials they used for the packaging, and make sure they are used at least one time more.

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Ban New Plastic

One of the things that’s worrying me more and more as each day goes by is plastic. It’s everywhere and there are more and more reports on TV (and everywhere) about the huge problems disposed plastic is causing for the world. So, I keep wondering why the world can’t just ban new plastic. That might sound extreme, but it makes plenty of sense to me and it would definitely work.

I’m not talking about banning plastic completely, which would be impossible. But what if, from today onwards, all the plastic used by corporations had to be recycled?

Plastic is a huge problem

I was astonished when I read this article on The Economist – Only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled. For me, the key details in this article are;

  • (obviously!) only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled
  • Since the 1950’s, we have created 4.9 billions tonnes of plastic that is still in circulation (that is, not recycled or burned)
  • Our seas hold as many as 51 trillion microplastic particles

This graph from the article created some alarm for me;

ban new plastic

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