It’s nice to find good companies, trying to do the right thing for the world occasionally. Recently, I was on a train trip in the UK and bought a bottle of water, and got a pleasant surprise from the company called Wenlock Spring.

Generally, I don’t like buying water in a plastic bottle because it’s just adding more waste plastic into the world, but sometimes you just have to (do I really??). In this case, I was glad to see the comments on the bottle from Wenlock Spring (i hope all these comments are for real).

wenlock spring

The label says they’ve made the plastic for the bottle from 50% recycled plastic. That’s 50% less than I’d like, but 50% more than most plastic bottles. So, good for Wenlock Spring!

It also says that 99% of the materials on there site are recycled. Again, great!

And, finally, they say that 46% of the energy they use is produced right on the their Wenlock Spring site. That’s really good.

So, this company “Wenlock Spring” appear to be providing bottled water in a less troublesome way for the world overall. I really applaud their efforts and hope that we all look for companies like this and support them.

It would be really good if they (and other companies of course) could get to the point of making their plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic, and produce 100% of their electricity needs themselves, on their own site. Then we’d have a truly sustainable business, and that’s what the world urgently needs.

Click on the following link to see Wenlock Spring’s page on recycled plastic bottles;

This is really commendable and a good start towards a sustainable future. Here is their image on Closed Loop Recycling.

wenlock spring - closed loop recycling

Please keep an eye out for this sort of thing and support companies that are moving toward recycling. If a company isn’t recycling, please avoid them. The power is in our hands.