It’s hard to avoid plastic in general in today’s world, and it’s especially hard to find soap without plastic. Somehow, we’ve managed to convince ourselves that soap comes from the factories of large corporations and comes in disposable, plastic, pump-action bottles. That’s crazy!

Soap is actually pretty simple stuff and you can definitely buy it without the need for any plastic. We should all really get our soap without plastic pollution as part of the transaction.

I’m glad to see that more and more soaps are available in packaging that does not include plastic. It is possible to buy soap without plastic. All that’s needed is for the soap to be wrapped inside some paper and put in a simple cardboard box. Not even that is needed, but that’s a perfectly safe solution.

Examples of soap without plastic

One place that I’ve been buying soap from for the past 2-3 years is Maharishi Ayurveda (I have no affiliation with them, I just like their products) because they have nice, natural soaps. This example here is a “Vata” (lemongrass) soap from Maharishi Ayurveda that I really like.

Another example of some nice soaps I’ve bought recently have come from Trevarno Skincare (I have no affiliation with them either) who make some very nice natural soaps. They do make plenty of things in plastics as well, but the soaps I’ve bought from them have been very simply packaged in almost only a single piece of cardboard.

soap without plastic

One last example is a gift I was given at Christmas time. This was a turmeric and tea tree soap bar from based in London. At Greener Habits, they say this about themselves;

“We are an online low-impact vegan store based in London, offering plastic free alternatives for things we use on a daily basis. Join us to change the world, one habit at a time.”

That’s the spirit that I hope more (all!) companies had!

I haven’t used this soap yet, but it feels nice, smells nice and comes simply wrapped in single piece of cardboard.

Soap without plastic – next steps

It’s definitely true that there’s no need for plastic when it comes to soap. It’s also true that soap doesn’t have to come in a plastic bottle with a plastic pumping mechanism. Don’t be fooled into thinking that plastic soap bottles are cleaner – those dirty hands have to make the bottle pump and also turn on the taps. Just keep your bathrooms clean, buy soap without plastic and enjoy using some simple, natural soaps.