Everything should be recycled. Really it should. We can’t afford to keep making new stuff and just throwing nearly all of it away into landfill, that makes no sense. One thing that should be very easy to buy is recycled toilet paper, and it is. Here’s just one example from the Ecoleaf range of the Suma Cooperative.

As you can see below, the paper is 100% recycled and sourced locally (for me that’s in the UK) and even the wrap that it comes in is made from potato starch and biodegradable. Going even further than that, Suma supports Treesponsibility and is a very socially responsible cooperative. It’s positive organisations like this that I’m happy to support. They’re showing the way for how all corporations could be.

You can see and read all the information from Suma below…

Recycled Toilet Paper – Information on the packaging

100% recycled paper

recycled toilet paper
ecoleaf Toilet Tissue is made from 100% recycled fibre sourced exclusively within the UK. Manufactured from 60%+ post-consumer waste supple streams, collected by local authorities, kerb side collections and bona fide waste merchants. The remaining waste fibre is made up from UK manufacturers’ waste such as printers’ trim and greeting card manufacturers’ waste. No chlorine-based chemistry is used in the production process. Sourced and then manufactured in the UK, every effort is made to maximise loads and minimise road miles.

100% compostable wrap

recycled toilet paper

ecoleaf Toilet Tissue is wrapped in Bioplast, a plasticiser-free and fully compostable packaging. It will biodegrade TOTALLY under non-toxic, industrial composting conditions, with the influence of soil-based microorganisms. Made from potato starch, it is both sustainable and renewable.

technical gubbins

Bioplast is certified EN 13432 and also conforms to the European OK Compost Standard issued by Vincotte.

100% commitment

recycled toilet paper

Despite our best efforts to make products with the lowest possible environmental impact, there is always a carbon cost. To counter our carbon footprint we are working in partnership with Treesponsibility, a small but active community permaculture group combining reforestation with raising awareness about climate change. Offsetting our pollution with ecological restoration is not an impossible dream – for the average Puma person this involves a couple of days’ pleasurable outdoor work each year, planting in the region of 50 trees.

their dream our dream

recycled toilet paper

Since the Second World War, the mechanisation of agriculture and pressure for development land and road-building has led to a loss of ancient woodlands, copses and hedgerows. Treesponsibility’s vision is to restore that lost tree cover. By planting broadleaf trees, such as oak, ash, birch, hawthorn and rowan, we can create wildlife havens in our cities, and bring back the beauty and the birdsong to our silent fields. The trees they plant will provide shelter belts for a more sensible system of farming using organic and permaculture techniques. Community orchards and coppices will supply food and woodland products. A patchwork of woods and wildlife corridors will provide an ecologically rich landscape – our contribution to the future. www.treesponsibility.com


Suma is a workers’ cooperative – a radical business managed and owned by its workers. We strive to promote a more responsible lifestyle by supplying a wide range of ethical, ecological and socially responsible product lines. From recycled paper products to cruelty-free toiletries, every one of our products has been carefully selected to help choose a sustainable lifestyle which balances your needs with the needs of our planet.

Recycled Toilet Paper – Conclusion

Buy using toilet paper that is fully recycled and prepared by a socially responsible company like the example shown here, we’re breaking the cycle of destruction that we’re currently in. At least our toilet paper will be sustainable and not causing additional pressure on the planet. Now for the next step!

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