Do you ever bother to look at the back of the package you’re buying to see its recycling status? Even better, it’s good to check if it’s already recycled. I’m constantly amazed how often the packaging is clearly labelled as non recyclable packaging. In the UK this is defined as “not currently recycled”.

Non Recyclable Packaging


This is so bad. We all know about the plastic crisis the world is facing – how can it still be legal for companies to produce packaging that can’t be recycled? We know that Two Farmers have solved this problem and are using compostable packaging, so there should be no excuse for big name companies, like Kettle, to use non recyclable packaging but they do, as you can see here.

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And, as you can see below, there are ultra-cheap Cheese Puffs from Happy Shopper that also come in non recyclable packaging. That just shows how cheap this packaging must be. I’m sure that using recycled or compostable packaging must be more expensive and that’s why it’s avoided.

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Governments should really apply big taxes to non recyclable packaging but of course, that would not be liked by some big corporations and they have a lot of power over our politicians.

So the best thing we can do, that will have immediate effect, is just use less of these types of products. Check the packaging and if it’s not recyclable, try not to buy it. At least, buy it less often. Look for products that are recyclable, or even already recycled, and support them. Support companies like Two Farmers who have compostable packaging and great tasting crisps, if you want crisps.

Best of all, avoid anything that comes in packaging as much as you can. The environment will be pleased and so will your body and bank account. This is the essence of using less. There are many things we don’t need, and certainly many things we don’t need so much of, so let’s just not buy them. It’s that simple.

A word from Kettle Foods

From their website – – we find the words below, which all sound good, but they really have to sort out non-recyclable packaging.

“Our Environment

We reduce waste wherever possible, and actively look for ways to be better to our environment.

Our water consumption has fallen by more than 30% over the last 10 years, we’ve even installed tanks for rain water harvesting. Over the same period we have reduced the energy it takes to make one bag of chips by 25%. All of our electricity now comes from renewables and when needed we recycle heat from our frying process to warm staff facilities.

Wherever possible we use recyclable and recycled materials. Our cases are 100% recyclable and the board used contains at least 68% recycled paper and the remaining comes from sustainable, managed forests that are certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Our used cooking oil is sent for conversion into bio-diesel and potato chips that don’t make it into the bag are turned into animal feed. We take the soil from potatoes to be re-used in composting and other waste is recovered as energy after processing into fuel.”