This is great to see. It looks like reforestation is working!

I read an article in by Trevor Nace that explains how NASA says the Earth is greener today than it was 20 years ago. That’s a real surprise, but a very pleasant one. But an even bigger surprise that a lot of the thanks has to go to China and India.

Why is this a “Use 10 Percent Less” issue? Well, simply because humans use too much of the Earth’s surface. We have destroyed large amounts of forests, and this is not just a recent phenomenon. All of the farms that we see in the countryside, that may have been there for many generations, were naturally forests and woodlands. The human use of natural land for profit growth is putting too much pressure on the world. We have to use less of the Earth.

The following map shows, in green, areas that are greener today than 20 years ago and how large parts of China and India and much greener.

reforestation is working

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And the following map shows how the whole world is doing. There are plenty of greener zones that suggest reforestation is working, however there are real problem areas in Brazil, Africa, parts of the USA, Canada, Russia, Central America and South-East Asia. On this map, China appears to be the real champion.

reforestation is working

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And here’s a short video showing how India managed to get 50 million trees planted in one day! That’s amazing, and demonstrates the power of the people.

With the proof that reforestation is working, we need to  push on and try to reforest as many parts of the Earth as we can. Instead of cutting down trees, laying asphalt for a carpark and then using synthetic substances to create shade cloths for the cars, we need to plant more trees. This will allow the Earth to start breathing again. We need to respect forests as part of the rich source of environmental capital that we have been given.

Can you plant another tree in your garden? Can you volunteer to help plant trees in a nearby woodland? Can you donate to an organisation dedicated to reforestation?

Let’s all do something and add to the momentum created by the knowledge that reforestation is working,

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